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Stark contrast creates drama and alure

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Stylish and practical, a two bedroom condo at the Savoy uses stark contrast to create drama and allure.

When designing for a condo there are some obvious steps that should be taken to ensure that you gain maximum benefit from your purchase and the lifestyle you want to live. The first thing is to pick a theme. What types of colours, furniture and overall layout will work best for you. For this lovely two bedroom condo at the Savoy, the outer envelope remains white. Colour is introduced in the furnishings. An overall colour scheme of black and white (walls, floors and window frames), with blue and natural wood tones in the form of furniture and area rugs. By keeping things light and lifted off the floor, the space feels breezy and open.

By choosing “leggy” mid-century design furniture, everything is lifted off the floor creating a sense of ‘flow’ to the space. One of the top perks of a condo is they spacious and open plan feel. Though, actual floor space can be limited, the sense of flow creates a feeling of airiness and fluidity.

Of course, furniture and accessories are necessary to any living space, the owners have resisted the urge to go overboard. Too much stuff can give a condo a cluttered, claustrophobic feel.

The dining area of this condo continues the blue and black theme with a light and airy glass top dining table, topped by a modern chandelier. The blue Queen Anne dining chairs add a touch of whimsy to the place.

The kitchen in this condo is partially open to the living room with a bar height pass through. By maintaining the dividing wall, the owners are able to accommodate above head storage for the seldom used, seasonal pieces. Having a full height backsplash raises the eye to the ceiling. The upper kitchen cabinets line-up with the bulkheads creating a sense of purpose.

This is a two bedroom home with the master suite having both a large on-suite bathroom with shower and corner soaker tub, dual sink vanity, as well as access to the outdoor space directly from the living room and the master bedroom. The second 4-piece bathroom continues the white theme leaving the space bright and spacious.

Outdoor space remains a much needed escape in today’s covid environment. The balcony on this condo looks over our little park and has access from either the master suite of the main living area.

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