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Environmentally minded renovation


Conjuring a home in a new-build neighbourhood takes a clear vision. Overcoming the challenges of townhouse living – think long thin spaces with light only from either end – the challenges can be daunting. Solution number one: a grey and white pallet accented with blonde woods. When it highlights a 50-foot townhouse it adds style and light.

We haven't featured one of our townhouses for a while. But I’m always impressed when I see how neighbours have created special places in our homes. Although no two townhouses in our neighbourhood are exactly the same, they do start with many similarities. They are all long, ranging from about 45 feet to over 55 feet in length. They are all narrow, on average about 12.5 feet wide (the exception is to a few of the pie-shaped homes that have also been featured in the blog). If it’s an inside townhouse, the lack of light can make the narrowness more pronounced. How these issues are addressed is what makes the story.

Today's feature is a luxury renovated, north/south facing townhouse that proudly boasts a new streamlined kitchen with a large waterfall island that has seating for four. The Carrara Mable style quartz countertop extends up the backsplash emphasizing the nine-foot ceilings. The oversized range hood provides a focal point and function to ensure cooking smells and smoke is whisked away.

Custom ceiling fixtures over the island are perfectly balanced by the powder coated metal-based bar stools that accommodate today’s family lifestyle. “Our goal for the house was to accentuate the positives of space – a total of 2400 square feet over four floors – and create a sense of history in what was a builder basic new build”, said the owner. “We worked with a team that knows how to do a modern intervention that brings out the best in the overall layout.”

“When we bought this house, the original style was already dated and closed-in which blocked the light. We had it all opened-up. Now the living room flows to the dining room and into the kitchen which is much more conducive to our lifestyle.”

“We also have a commitment to the environment. We installed a Tesla charger in the garage, Bluetooth appliances, and smart home features that allow us to really run the house remotely and ensure that we are not wasting energy.”

“To create the smooth modern look we wanted, it was important to keep the sight lines clean. We replaced dated wooden spindles with a bespoke iron staircase straightening out curves in the process. All woods are white oak throughout, matching floors to handrails.”

On the second floor, the massive family room features a double length sofa with two identical coffee tables. Fitting double benches into the bow window adds additional seating while creating a sense of cosiness to the large space.

The renovation extends to all bathrooms. The guest room on the second-floor features room for a king-sized bed and additional space for the all-important office.

The top floor is for the family. Here you’ll find the large master suite with a wall of built-ins running the length of the master bedroom. The ultimate in luxury in an urban space, there is room for a vanity sitting just outside the master on-suite.

Down the hall is a beautifully fitted-out nursery that gives easy access now and provides space for a fully functioning child’s room as the baby grows.

The monochromatic colour scheme extends to the final level of the house, the ground floor/basement. Here you’ll find more space for an office and an extra family room. Nothing has been missed as a full wall of built-ins accommodate all of life’s need for storage.

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Kishwar Umar
Kishwar Umar
Nov 19, 2022

Would you please forward the name of the contractor

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