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Staging a condo for maximum value and livability

Just sold and new neighbours are moving in

A condo at 120 Dallimore recently went on the market. Listed with Liz Compton (, the first role of business was to stage for maximum value.

“We always stage a property for sale,” says Liz Compton. “We want to ensure that a buyer can see themselves in the space, and we want to show the space as being large enough to live in. There is also money involved here, on average a staged condo receives a 3%-6% increase on equity vs an unstaged condo. Staged condos also tend to sell 2x – 3x faster.

“When staging a condo, you focus on two key areas: space and lighting. There are some specific rules, especially for smaller condos,” said Liz. “You want to make sure that you remove any extraneous elements. Yet you still want the right accessories to help define the space.”

“Because staging is critical, we highly recommend that condos be professionally staged, or at the very least, get a consultation and do everything the professional stager says,” advises Liz. "Today's covid world means that most buyers will start their search online. Once the staging is done, professional photos are a must."

The number one priority for staging a condo is the balance between function and style.

Today’s modern minimalist style is made for the condo environment. Clutter is the enemy of small space living. Tricks to visually expand the space include light colours, consistent colour scheme throughout and the right amount of furniture.

This one-bedroom plus den unit required a bit of editing to go on the market. The number one thing was to keep the colour scheme light and airy. In the main living area, there really wasn’t sufficient room for a separate eating area. Instead, the designer chose counter stools pulled up to the kitchen breakfast bar. This allowed for a spacious and comfortable living room to be created.

Hardwood floors throughout the suite provides luxury and visually enlarges the space. A light-coloured area rug in the living room helps define the space. By choosing metal and glass elements and forgoing the dining area, a large full-size sofa fits perfectly in the space.

Continuing the light and airy feeling into the principal suite provides for serene moments of tranquility at the end of the day. The light colour scheme makes the space look more open. Using open metal end tables on either size of the queen size bed shows that there is comfortable space to live in.

The den is staged with a day bed and simple desk.

As of yesterday the unit has sold and we look forward to welcoming new neighbours to the 'hood.

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