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Local Greenland Public School Provincial Scores Soar

The scores are in and our little school scored in the top 12% of the province.

The most recent EQAO scores for grade 3 students are out and our Greenland Public School has come out strong. With an overall score over 87%, our stand-out school placed in the top 12% of all schools in the province.


If you’re not aware, Greenland is our neighbourhood JK to grade 5 school. It boasts smaller class sizes (less than 20 children per class) with a true community feeling. Greenland also includes two on-site childcare facilities: Playhouse Daycare and GRASP for before and after school programming.


Greenland strives to help each child become the best they can be. Special programs focus on providing students with leadership opportunities that help them learn the importance of being responsible. All academic achievement and positive behaviour are openly celebrated.


“We have high expectations for all our students academically, behaviourally and socially.  We value the positive climate and culture of our school,” says Dayna Neiman, Greenland School Principal. Our commitment is to create a safe, stimulating and inclusive environment where all students pursue excellence through balanced and challenging programs.”



“We are so grateful to Greenland School,” says Edlyn Kuo. "Our children are so happy there. We especially appreciate the parent-staff communication, as the staff and teachers do an amazing job of that. We appreciate how the teachers are so caring and genuinely happy for the students when they succeed." 

“I walk the kids to school every day, and also volunteer at Greenland School so I have the chance to observe the interaction between teachers and the children, and even the interactions between the children, themselves. It’s such a small tight-knit environment that each of the teachers knows each of the children. Staff interact with all the children, not just those in their classes. Staff and teachers are available to talk about any issues, often making time to do so even after class.  As a former teacher myself, I know when I see something special.”  




“A large portion of the Greenland staff is made up of long-time members who've been part of the school for most of their careers,” says Ilanit Shohat (one of the neighbourhood parents who is also active as a PTA member). “They're genuinely dedicated to our students and always go the extra mile to make their experiences special. Throughout the year, you can count on them to add a sprinkle of fun with extras and memorable events. Coming up soon, for example, is Valentine's Day, and the staff is gearing up to whip up some special V-day pancakes and treats for the kids in addition to valentine-grams that they are preparing!”


Vibrant art mural in gym for assemblies

There were several extracurricular programs offered at the school such as cross-country skiing, soccer and basketball programs, website design, and a chess club. There's also art club and eco club. The school places a special emphasis on nature - students go to Moccasin Trail Park several times a year. To encourage an understanding of the cycle of nature, the teachers and staff members planted a pollinator garden for students in 2022. Several of the parents in our neighbourhood are active in the school as volunteers and as part of the Greenland School Parent Council.




New folding chairs generously donated at our Art and Talent Show

The local business community is also a big contributor to the development of the school with companies such as Elizabeth Compton of Elizabeth & Julian TEAM COMPTON, Morneau Sheppell, Loblaws Superstore, Dr. Noble Orthodontics, Cineplex and Harvey's making generous contributions towards beautiful facility upgrades.

NOTE: Both the murals and the folding chairs came as donations from the community.

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