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Are we a village?

We are a village was an observation from someone outside our little community. The idea that English Lane Don Mills should be English Lane Village in Don Mills is a subtle distinction filled with a multitude of ideas and an interesting question to contemplate at this time of year.


If a village is a small community (usually defined as between 500 and 2,500 inhabitants) clustered around a central point. By that definition we are a village.


Villages are also defined as being close to workplaces but separate from them and consist of higher-quality housing with integrated community amenities and attractive physical environments. We are all the above.


In creative writing, a village is described as a place that is far away from the push and shove of the city. You feel a connection with the village. There are open spaces and natural environment with streams, flowers, woods, and walkways. We cover that completely.

What are the positive points of a village?

Strong community: villages have a close-knit community where people know each other and look out for one another.

Peaceful environment: villages tend to be quieter and more peaceful than dense urban environments with less traffic and noise pollution.


We cover it all.

English Lanes is a community of caring individuals who are there for each other in times of strife and times of joy. Over the years I’ve seen neighbours reaching out to each other to help with snow shoveling or bringing food when a neighbour is sick or hurt. I have benefited from that myself.


English Lanes sits in a beautiful natural area with trails and parklands all around us. We are minutes away from the hustle of the city, but miles away from the noise and confusion. We may not be Shangri-La, but we pretty much nail the definition of village – so welcome to English Lane Village in Don Mills.


Interesting musings. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and the best for the new year. Stay safe and well, and if you need something remember the village is here for you.



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