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Another great End-of-Summer Neighbourhood party

Pics from the day. Just a taste of the fun had by all.

Another year and another great End-of-Summer Neighbourhood picnic. So great to see familiar faces and meet so many new neighbours. The weather was turned out perfect (maybe a little too perfect if you count a sunburned nose), the food plentiful and the conversation flowing.

It was especially perfect to have a chance to meet new neighbours - both those new to the neighbourhood and those just new to the party. We started at 12:00 and were not cleaning up until well after 4:00.

Here's an interesting thought: we have repeatedly been asked if we can move the picnic to earlier in the summer. We've traditionally left it until September to accommodate all who have summer plans away from the neighbourhood. What does everyone think of say... July 7th next year? That would make it the first Sunday after the long weekend in July. Send your thoughts for next year.

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Elka Popova
Elka Popova
12 sept 2023

Summer dates won't work for us. We travel a lot during the summer. Also, there's so much else going on in July and August - festivals, beaches, picnics and barbecues. The September date has been perfect for us. I do suggest we tape the exact picnic dates to the signs, though. I think many people didn't know which 'next' weekend the event would take place :)

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