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Beautifully bespoke

A kitchen and bathroom renos change the tone of the whole house.

Designs for the English Lane townhomes were finished more than 20 years ago. Styles and tastes have changed drastically in two decades. How we use our homes and what we want out of them are different. We’re lucky, these houses have loads of space so it is not difficult to reimagine how they can be used.


Light floods into this family centred space. The newly designed kitchen offers plenty of room for enjoying meals, entertaining and even doing homework. The two-toned design features high-gloss flat panel doors on the cabinetry, a wall of pantry cabinets with uppers for seldom used pieces and even a wine storage area. The design incorporates on-trend grey/blue and white palette with a backsplash the picks up both colours. Countertops are solid surface with long runs for ample prep space.

To achieve this look, the first thing that had to go was the wall between the dining room and kitchen creating an open plan for the full floor. Fortunately, none of the interior walls are load baring. The next thing that had to go were the builder supplied coat closet and pantry cupboard. Both of these items are too deep for our kitchens to function to their maximum benefit.

The homeowners chose not to take the wall down to counter-top level leaving enough of a bar height wall to hide kitchen clutter while still ensuring the flow of light. Choosing not to install an island, the homeowners were able to leave in a kitchen table perfect for morning lattes, or afternoon schoolwork.


The homeowners wanted the home to feel sophisticated and luxurious while suiting their down-to-earth lifestyle. The living area is separated into zones. One is a more formal dining area with a table that seats six, three mirrors installed to reflect light and visually expand the space. A statement pendant light hangs above the table.


In the living room, the space is set for relaxing, entertaining and working. In this time of Covid-19, every space needs to do double duty. In many of our homes, the main floor living room is set for entertaining only, this usually means no TV. However, in these times a family needs all spaces to be available for different activities. The design of this house has an entry way that includes and interior staircase. By positioning the furniture away from the doors, the homeowners are able to install a flat panel TV on the opposite wall. Selecting furniture that is flexible with raised open legs adds to the look of space and airiness.

The family room on the next floor continues the open and airy feel of the house. A large sofa sits directly across from a large entertainment unit. A small desk in front of a bay window supplies much need workspace.


The soft grey-blue colour palette is continued throughout the house. All bedrooms show space and lightness with the master bedroom acquiring a full wall of built-in storage. The original closets gave way to a much-expanded master bath. The expansion of the bathroom space allowed for two separate vanities as well as walk-in shower at one end and luxury soaker tub at the other.


Outdoor space is of equal importance, especially as we head into the warmer summer months. Laying down textured concrete patio stones creates the look of European flagstone at a much more reasonable price. Treating the outdoor space as another room takes very little effort. An outdoor rug anchors the space while a simple seating area creates the perfect spot for an afternoon drink.

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