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We share a problem, and have a solution

For many years we, in the larger townhouses, have had a problem and have been looking for a solution.

The above is an especially bad example from the neighbourhood. Most have issues to a greater or lesser degree.

The underside of the balcony off the front of the houses has been dripping, drooping and generally looking pretty shabby. Before we could find a solution, we had to look into what was causing the problem.

Here's what we have learned about the problem:

  • The balcony is a slab of concrete.

  • Concrete is porous. That means if it's not sealed, water on the surface will find it's way through the concrete.

  • Onto of the concrete is a coat of stucco. Stucco is designed to be water proof.

  • The problem comes when the water on the surface (deck) of the patio permeates through to the bottom. Water collects behind the stucco causing the stucco to expand and then burst.

Here's what is suggested as a solution:

  1. You cannot fix the problem under the balcony until you address the surface area.

  2. The deck of the balcony needs to be waterproofed. An epoxy seal is a suggestion.

  3. The railings around the balcony need to be caulked, sealed and probably painted.

  4. The flashing around the base of the patio needs to be caulked or sealed against the epoxy or other waterproof finish.

  5. Once the balcony is sealed and finished, then we can address the roof of the carport which is divided into 2 parts. The part at the front is directly under the balcony. The second part is actually inside the house.

Joe and I have received a quote from Eliseu Silverio (a Portuguese immigrant who has extensive knowledge of rock, cement and stucco buildings Eliseu came recommended to us by another neighbour. His quote to address our balcony and carport roof is (I've just cut and pasted the estimate):

The railings: will be sanded, washed and 1 coat of paint, rust proof. It will take 2 days to complete. For this job is 750cad.

The caulking: will cut out the damaged one, clean and wash everything. Caulk everything again. It will take 2 days to complete. For this job is 500cad.

Painting the patio: it will be cleaned, small repairs if necessary, washed and 2 coats of epoxy paint to water proof it. It will take 3 days to complete. For this job is 600cad.

The stucco ceilings: they will be washed, repaired and a coat of stucco paint. It will take 3 days. For this job, the front ceiling is 1260cad, and the back ceiling is 1440cad.

Take in consideration that there is the drying times of the washing and paints. Also it's a exterior job so the weather as influence.

We are planning to start with the balcony, railings and caulking. Once we are assured that water seepage has been stopped, we will address the underside/carport roof.

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1 Comment

Diana Munteanu
Diana Munteanu
Jul 21, 2023

Great post! We're actually doing similar work at 227 David Dunlap Circle, but it involves the stairs as well. We're working with one of the contractors who's done a few other places in our neighbourhood and seen examples that look like new after 5 years (that was encouraging). As the post mentions, sealing the patio is key. We've also received a few different quotes for various solutions. Happy to share if anyone is looking to start a similar project. You can reach me at

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