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We are here to support and uplift each other. This blog is about all things good in our neighbourhood.

We’re neighbours and friends. Joe and I have lived in the community for 16 years. We are a special community full of support and good cheer. This blog is to celebrate what we have and build for more. We will have stories about the people who live in our community, news about the events within the community and when we’re allowed, we’ll start virtual house tours.

Our stories will celebrate the many different people that make up our community. We hail from every part of the globe and have chosen to make the English Lane Don Mills community our home.

For events, throughout the year we host various events. These events are designed so that anyone that wants to be involved can and include things such as neighbourhood bike rides, neighbourhood picnics in the park and event neighbourhood garage sales. We are open to any ideas people have. It’s all about community and fun.

Finally, we will have virtual house tours so that we can all see what can be done with our homes. From the outside, the townhouses especially, all look the same. However, we know that each one is unique. No two are exactly the same and over the years, we’ve added our own special touches to our spaces.

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