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It's officially Spring

We've had Equinox and Equilux - the sun is making its way towards warmer days.

As the snow melts there are a few things that we need to do. Make sure the drains around your property are clear, this includes those on the road. If you haven't checked, make sure the drain on your front deck/porch is free from ice. I usually dump a kettle of boiling water down ours.

It's also time to start planning for our neighbourhood Spring Cleanup. It's too early yet - there could be a few more pesky snow dumps - but it is time to start planning. If you haven't participated before, this is your year. Your neighbours have been doing the work.

EARTH DAY: As part of the Clean Toronto Together Program, Sunday, April 22nd is our day to put on some gloves, grab a trash bag and meet in our little park to help cleanup litter – such as small plastics, cans, bottles and other waste. Large garbage bags and gloves will be supplied in the park. Look for more information as we get closer.

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