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Flags from around the world in our little neighbourhood


We’ve talked about this so let’s make it real.

And put our little neighbourhood on the map.

Starting June 24th through July 5th, let’s get everyone in the neighbourhood to display flags on their balconies.

It will be a collective. Everyone is encouraged to get a Canadian flag and a flag from their country of origin. For example, my family background is Irish, and Joe’s background is Italian, so we will have three flags displayed. On July 1st – Canada Day – we’ll remove the Italian and Irish flags and just keep up the Canadian flag.

The idea is to celebrate just how multi-ethnic our neighbourhood is. I’m pretty sure that we span the globe and will have representation from almost every country. If we can get this going, we’ll definitely make the local news.

For flags, I have 12” x 18” flags, not too big, but not too small either. My Canadian one is on a plastic flagpole for displaying on your car.

I’ve reached out to a local importer for pricing:

Reppa Flags and Souvenirs


83 Queen Elizabeth Blvd, Etobicoke.

They have all the flags of the world and do curbside pick-up Mon-Fri between 9:30 am and 1:30 pm. They are usually a mass distributor. You won’t be able to order through their website but they will take phone orders that you would need to pick up curbside. Cash or credit card.

12” x 18” flags are $5/each

2’ x 3’ flags are $10/each

3’ x 5’ flags are $20/each

We made BlogTO for our Moccasin Trail Park, let’s really show who we are.

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