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Time to start planning for Spring

Neighbourhood Garage Sale, let's start planning now for June 3rd.

Our Garage sales have been so much fun for everyone and the earlier we start planning, the better it is.

So here's the plan.

Date: June 3, 2023

Time: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Where: English Lane Neighbourhood Garages

If you'd like to add your family to the list, please contact us at

We'll publicize with social posts and digital ads, as well as community paper advertising.

Participation has a small fee of $15. (it did go up from last year, social and digital advertising have gotten more expensive). This covers the cost of advertising and event signage, as well as balloons for identifying who is participating. Balloons will be ready for pick up late afternoon on June 2nd, the day before the sale. We suggest you tie your balloons to your front porch, chair, railing - wherever you want, they are to draw attention to your house as a Garage Sale participant.

When we get closer, I'll put out another notice and ask you to drop your fee off at Pat's place (41G Green Belt Drive). You can drop it off in the mailbox. Just make sure you list your name, address and contact number on the envelope.

Ready! Set! Have fun!

This has been a really fun event in the past. Remember to have small cash for change and keep it in your pocket or use a fanny pack.

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