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The MacDonalds

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Foodies • Family • Entrepreneurs

Everyone in this neighbourhood has a fascinating story. Next in the spotlight is the MacDonald family. There’s Susan Lee-MacDonald, Drew MacDonald and their sons, Arden and Mark. And Dumpling the dog. Arden is 16, just had his first driving lesson and works part-time at Metro. Mark is 10 years old and soccer mad. The family has lived in the neighbourhood for 8 years and in Don Mills since 2007.

Susan is a flight attendant with Air Canada with over 20 years of service. Her schedule has allowed her time to develop a fantastic business on the side called Dumpling’s Treats. Created from Human Grade Food, Treats for Dumpling are now offered for sale in the neighbourhood. Anybody can purchase through either Instagram or Facebook @dumplingstreats or 416-508-3332. I know from personal experience that the dogs and cats love the treats – I keep a jar on my kitchen counter for easy rewards.

Since we all need contractors in the neighbourhood, I have to mention that Drew is a licenced electrician and is open to doing contract work. He can be reached at or via 647-515-3078 (FYI Drew is a nick-name).

When asked what she likes about the neighbourhood, Susan was quick with her response. “I love that it’s convenient and has a small town feel but is in the heart of the city,” says Susan “We are less than 15 minutes away from almost anything.”

“We’re from Toronto and knew we wanted convenience to get almost anywhere in the city. Don Mills fit the bill. I needed to have easy access to the airport and so did Drew as he was working in the oil industry in Alberta at the time and literally commuting from here to there.”

“We came because of location, we’ve stayed because of the neighbourhood. It is wonderful. You can’t buy such great neighbours. The boys have grown up here, they have so many friends, its safe and secluded.”

Both confessed foodies, they love the multi-culturalism of the neighbourhood and the greater Don Mills area. “There are so many food options, almost all within walking distance.” So remember to say hi the next time you see them in the ‘hood.

Instagram @dumplingstreats

Facebook @dumplingstreats


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