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Picnic is next Sunday - keep talking to the sun gods

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

The signs have gone up. You'll see them around the 'hood.

This is a community event that we all look forward to. There are also at least 20 new families in the neighbourhood. If you have a new neighbour, reach out and explain what all the signs mean.

Neighbours gather for community picnic
It's picnic time in English Lane Don Mills

DATE: September 11, 2022

TIME: 12:00 to 4:00 pm

WHERE: our little Greenbelt Park

Everyone is welcome! Just bring a dish to share. We'll have picnic table set up. One thing that is always missing is enough water.

If you'd like some ideas on what to bring:

  1. a chair to sit on, or a blanket

  2. a dish to share (this is your chance to show off some of your amazing cooking/BBQ skills)

  3. maybe some water for the kids to drink

  4. a ball or something for the kids to play with

What will be supplied:

  1. tables with table clothes for the food to be spread out on

  2. name tags

  3. some paper napkins, plates, cutlery and glasses (more is always welcome)

  4. anti-wasp pots

We'll set up for noon. 4 legged fur babies are also welcome but keep them on a leash. It's probably not a good idea to bring your pet if they are skittish or nervous around a bunch of people.

If you feel uncomfortable with a shared meal, please bring a blanket and your own picnic lunch. Masks are also an option. This is meant to be a fun day, enjoyed by all.

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