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Our little neighbourhood is about to get some big-time fame.

Dumpling's Treats (human grade dog treats) created by our own MacDonald family has just won amazing support from the Toronto Raptors.

Here's the timeline for support. Watch for Dumpling's Treats this weekend during the Raptors @ Lakers game.

  1. May 2nd: during the 1st quarter on court virtual signage.

  2. May 2nd: Dumpling's Game Time feature live in Raptors app during the game

  3. May 3rd: Dumpling's Treats Out-of-Home creative goes live for 1 week

  4. May 4th: Matt & Jack perform an on air shoutout to Dumpling's Treats during the Raptors @ Clippers game

  5. May 6th: Dumpling's Treats curtsied and baseline signage is live during the Washington @ Raptors game

And the Dumpling's Treats website goes live today

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