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New shipment of polar bears has arrived and going fast

They're going fast, so get your order in quickly!

We've started a trend. This is the third shipment of inflatable polar bears for our neighbourhood. At just $19.99 plus tax, this is a venture that everyone seems to be on board for.

Since these lovely little fellows sell out quickly, Kulsum has ordered all the stock from Canadian Tire at Laird, and now the latest shipment has cleared the shelves at the Leslie and Sheppard store. To secure yours, reach out to Kulsum at

They are not that expensive - currently on sale at $19.99 (not on sale, they are $25 so final price will depend on when they were purchased). These light-up inflatable bears stand at 3.5 feet tall and will probably need a boost to sit on our balconies or in the front yard area. Click link for more details.

Let's put our awesome neighbourhood spirit together again and create a wonderful show for all the children that have been denied so much over the last 2 years.

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