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New names to add to our trusted suppliers list

It seams many people are unaware that our blog contains a section on trusted suppliers/contractors, etc as recommended by your neighbours. To find the page click on the link

You can add names that you know to the list, just send the reference to

In the meantime here are a few more:

HOUSE CLEANING: Rubi Contraries 647-571-9146 or

Rubi comes with references. She's looking for a couple more clients in the area.

HANDYMAN: Keane Horvath 905-246-7663 or

STONE WORK/HARDSCAPING: Neale Nicholas 416-886-2578 or Neale is responsible for all of the interlock and garden boxes along Green Belt.

WINDOWS AND DOORS: Jason Lyons 905-706-1164 from Canadian Choice Windows and Doors or This is the company that replaced the windows and doors at our place.

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