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Neighbourhood Spring Clean Up April 23

The weather will get warmer... the snow will go... we need to start getting ready for fun.

April 23rd is the Saturday after Earth Day - there is no better time to plan to get our neighbourhood ready for some fun in the sun.

Meet at 11:00 am in the park.

Come with gloves and bags to pick things up with.

Plan on about 2 hours. We've done this before. It just takes a little time to make sure the area of our community is ready for all to have fun in the sun.

This is also part of an even bigger city-wide clean up. If you have extra time, there is an official group sign up:

Things are always messy after winter, but it seems worse this year. "Many hands make light work".

A NOTE FOR OUR 'HOOD: We seem to have a smoker who is not just tossing butts, but packages on the sidewalk around the neighbourhood. Neighbours have been picking up this for a while. The brand is Marlboro - not good.

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