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Meet Tessa and Abby Mintz (and Milo)

Meet Milo, the less camera shy member of the household

Relatively new to the neighbourhood, Tessa and her daughter Abby rented their townhome during the early stages of Covid. “Once Covid hit we knew we needed more space than the place we were living in,” said Tessa. “I am working from home and my teenage daughter needed space to do schoolwork remotely too.”

“Once we decided we needed more space, we were unbelievably motivated. We searched the whole city via MLS or and worked with a really fantastic real estate agent. In the end we narrowed our search to somewhere that was close to my daughter’s school with decent access to my office. I also had a bit more criteria. I wanted a multi-cultural community. We are a bi-racial family and I want my child to have a full and healthy environment to grow up in.”

“When we first found the MLS listing for this house, we drove around the area a couple of times before we went in to view it. As soon as we saw the house we fell in love. My daughter has the full top-floor – what 16-year-old would not want their own space including a private living/working area?”

“I couldn’t believe how wonderfully warm and welcoming everyone has been. I’ve made so many new friends.”

“When we committed to the house, we took the opportunity to make this a fresh new start. We call up the “Just Junk” fellows and filled up two trucks. Then we went shopping. It was a wonderfully cathartic experience. We’ve furnished the house and now we’re adding the touches of art that will make it a home. My father is a visual and sculptural artist and he’s excited to provide us with fabulous pieces.”

“I think by inclination I would have been a bohemian artist, instead I became a scientist. My original Masters in Science, from the University of Western Ontario, is for Speech Pathology. I then followed it up a few years later with another Masters in Health Sciences, this time from the University of Toronto,” said Tessa. “I’m currently with Thornhill Medical as the Vice President of Marketing and it has been an honour to be part of a team working on Canada’s fight against Covid.”

If you see Tessa walking around with Milo, the newest member of the Mintz household (a tiny Shih Tzu puppy), say Hi – he will be sure to bound over and give you a lick. You will recognize him from his glamour shot here, as the rest of the Mintz household is notoriously camera shy.

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