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Meet our newest neighbours Margarita Klerides and Daniel Di Filippo and baby Maria

They moved in at the beginning of April.

Margarita and Daniel purchased their home on David Dunlap last fall but only moved in at the beginning of April. There were a few things that needed doing. New kitchen reno for one.

Margarita is a Greek girl from the Danforth, Daniel is Italian from Burlington. In a truly modern romance story, they met online. When they were looking for their new home, Margarita didn’t want to move too far from the downtown area. “We looked all over East and North York. We were living in a condo at Bayview and Sheppard. We were looking for a stand-alone house or maybe a semi. We didn’t even know this neighbourhood was here. It was a fluke that we found it,” says Margarita. “We love, love this neighbourhood.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Daniel. “I was outside with Maria as she slept, and people just kept coming up and saying hello. I’ve never known that to happen anywhere else. Everyone has been so welcoming. How could you not love it?”

And that’s just the beginning of what they love, they also love scotch. Their first holiday together was a tour of distilleries in England, Scotland and Ireland. Tasting their way around, they’ve decided that Glenscotia 18 is the best – but you’ll have to go to Scotland to test out their theory. The LCBO does not stock it. (I did point out that being true to my Irish roots, I’m still backing Powers Irish Whisky).

When they found this neighbourhood, the English Lane townhomes ticked all the boxes. It’s close to city centre and easily accessible to the ROM, great restaurants and friends. So post-covid, this is a convenient neighbourhood. The amount of space in these homes is amazing. Based on what we had been seeing throughout the city, these homes are amazing value. “We plan on doing a temporary fix to the floating stairs for when Maria starts to walk,” says Margarita. “We’ll attached risers to the back of the steps that can be removed when she gets older.”

“We plan to stay for a long time. The outdoor space is just big enough for Maria to play as a toddler and the park is convenient in the centre of the community,” said Daniel. “It’s a great place to be.”

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