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Meet Daniel Orban

A journey for the scent(s)

Daniel and his family moved into our neighbourhood seven years ago. After deciding to downsize from both their business life and large family home, it was the time to start planning for retirement and the next stage for each family member. Mom and dad were looking forward to more travel and cottage time, while Daniel and his sister Alex, were heading off to university, so a smaller house closer to the downtown area made sense.

With the drive that had built a successful boutique ad agency, Sunny Orban located English Lanes. After a few unsuccessful bidding wars, the family finally found their next house! An end unit with a lovely terrace overlooking Greenbelt Park that had the bones needed to make it their own. Dennis Orban, a talented graphic designer and an industrial design graduate from OCAD, had the vision that created the contemporary home the family now enjoys. To realize the dream, they embarked on a full-scale renovation that took almost 4 months.

“Over the 7 years we’ve been here I’ve finished both high school and university,” says Daniel. “I’ve been able to discover and find focus to my passion.”

“My passion is fragrance, and I am the founder of ‘Rendezvous Scents’.”

“Our sense of smell is often overlooked when discussing senses. We first usually think of sight, sound, and touch; but do you know that the sense of smell is closely linked to both memory and emotion? Perfume, and the perfume industry, has been built around this connection. Perfumers develop fragrances to convey a vast array of emotions and feelings; from desire to power, vitality to relaxation,” says Daniel Orban. “For years I have been fascinated by the art of fragrance.”

“My curiosity for fragrance, and what it can mean for us, coalesced during my final year at Ryerson University. I did a degree in communications with a minor in psychology. For my capstone project, I analyzed olfaction and productivity in humans, looking specifically at how fragrance affects us. Now I’m ready to take this passion to a new level.”

“Like so many of us, the pandemic appeared to put my life on hold. Four months after graduating in 2019, the world went into lockdown with a palpable sense of uncertainty,” said Daniel. “I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch for me to decide that while the world seemed to be holding its breath, I should take a risk and start my own business. I had this desire to share the beauty, history, and artistry I discovered in perfume with others, especially in a time of such darkness.”

“I’m overjoyed to announce the launch of my luxury fragrance subscription service https://www.rendezvousscents.coma fabulous box that connects people to the dazzling world of ‘niche’ and artisanal fragrances via curated ‘Scent Journeys’. This is different than a traditional perfume gift box. What we are doing is taking members through a thematically designed journey around a particular geography. You get to choose where you would like to go through scent. Rendezvous is launching with 8 unique Scent Journeys that guide subscribers through an exotic scent-scape of their choice. Each journey contains 6 ultra-high quality unisex scents explored monthly or bi-monthly. Subscribe and discover yourself in exciting new places.

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