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Meet Anthony Blake and his pup, Kobe

Now that is one loved dog.

Anthony moved into our neighbourhood three years ago after taking time out of his life to be the principal care giver to his mother who had heart issues. “She was always there for us,” said Anthony. “I wanted to be there for her.”

His mother and stepfather originally moved the family to Canada from the UK in 1971. Settling in East York, Anthony was a natural athlete who grew up playing hockey, football, and track and field where he ran the 400 meter, as well as the long and high jump. “I grew up skating at the Civitan Arena in Don Mills.”

When it was time to find a new home, Anthony asked his real estate agent to find him something centrally located that had a walkout to a garden with a wooded environment. The Savoy condo met the criteria.

“I wanted a clean and well-maintained building,” said Anthony. “Originally, we looked downtown, but generally a one-bedroom condo did not come with a garage and that was mandatory for me. When we found this community, it was an easy decision. I knew Don Mills, but this neighbourhood is exceptional. I love the small community feel, and it has easy access to downtown which I needed as I work for the city.”

“I’ve done some updates to my place since moving into the Savoy. I just finished a kitchen renovation and will be looking at a bathroom reno soon.”

Anthony is a twenty-six-year veteran for the city of Toronto. “Which does mean I will be retiring soon.”

“I had been injured on the job and was on disability leave when covid struct,” says Anthony. “It seemed the perfect time to bring Kobe home. I’d had a Schnauzer before and loved the breed, but I have to be honest, I lucked out with Kobe. The breeder in South Dundas, Gananoque specializes in sweat Miniature Schnauzers. If you see him about, you’ll recognize him as he’s brown and tan.”

“Kobe is a great addition to my family. I’m a grandfather with a set of four-year-old twins and a seven year old granddaughter,” says Anthony. “Both my son and stepson live in the area.”

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