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Jason Schwartz

Location scout • Urban Explorer • Artist

Jason Schwartz and his partner Katarina Savic moved into our neighbourhood over three years ago.

A long-time resident of Don Mills, Katarina raised her kids in the community (her mother continues to live here) so she knew where she’d like to stay when looking for her condo. “I love the convenience of this location. We’re in the middle of greenery and space but only minutes from the city.” The Savoy answered the need. When life changed and Katarina and Jason decided to blend their two families they needed more space. The answer was literally just around the corner – one of the larger townhouses seemed the perfect fit.

“We needed 4 bedrooms, 3-4 bathrooms and dedicated space for Jason to have a home office,” said Kat. “We knew Jason would require his space. We didn’t foresee that all of us would be working from home during the pandemic. But we make it fit; each of the children (really adults) have their own space. My two are in university doing courses on-line and Jason’s daughter is busy finishing her last year in high school. It’s a testament to these house that there is space.”

Jason is a long-time location scout. He, and his team of scouts and managers, provide professional location management for the film industry, including production houses such as Radke Films, Steam Films, Circle Productions, Skin & Bones, OPC Films, Soft Citizen Films, Suneeva Films, The Partners Film Co., newnew films, YYZ Pictures, and Untitled.

As a photographer and fine arts student, Jason started his career in 1998 when the Toronto film industry was in its infancy. Now the industry employs over 40,000 people. With this level of competition you have to be good. Working from director’s spec sheets, Jason and his team will identify the location that brings the dream to life. His strength is identifying new locations that have not previously been used, focusing on locating modern and "retro-modern" residential homes. The team’s most recent projects include the TV series "American Gods", "Designated Survivor", and "Impulse". To find out more, visit

Jason can also be described as an urban explorer. It’s not uncommon for Jason to don a back-pack and take off for a 30+ km walk through the neighbourhoods of Toronto. We’re sure he finds his next targets as he ambles through the urban jungle.

Creativity runs in the family. Jason’s daughter Lily is running her own design business. Check out @totally.totes on Instagram to see tote bags individually painted with attitude.

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