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Creating a Season of Cheer

Now wouldn't it be nice to be greeted by a whole row of smiling polar bears?

Has everyone seen the giant Santas all lined up along Inglewood Drive in Toronto? Every year, everyone in the Inglewood neighbourhood get together and erect inflatable Santas for the benefit of each other and everyone else in Toronto.

We can do something similar. Several of our neighbours have suggested we should do something similar in our neighbourhood, only use polar bears rather than Santas. Now since these lovelies sell out quickly, Kulsum has ordered all the stock from Canadian Tire at Laird, however I'm sure there will be more in the city. Kulsum can be reached at

They are not that expensive - currently on sale at $19.99. These light-up inflatable bears stand at 3.5 feet tall and would fit comfortably on most balconies or in the front yard area. Click link for more details.

Let's put our awesome neighbourhood spirit together again and create a wonderful show for all the children that have been denied so much over the last 2 years.

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