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Car thieves are back in the 'hood

Sad but true. There have been 3 car thefts from our neighbourhood in the last 3 weeks, essentially 1 a week.

Police tell us that relay and reprogramming thefts of high-end vehicles with keyless entry and push start technology is increasingly common. The majority of the vehicles are being stolen from residential driveways, usually in the overnight hours.

There are a few things you can do (Toronto Police):

How to reduce the risk of vehicle theft:

  • When parking your vehicle:

  • Turn ignition off and TAKE the keys with you

  • Park in a well-lighted, attended area if possible

  • Lock all valuables in your trunk

  • Completely close and lock doors and windows

  • Turn your wheels to the side to make it harder to tow

  • When at home:

  • If you have a garage, use it and lock it

  • If you have a rear-wheel drive car, back into driveway

  • If you have a front-wheel drive car, park front end first

  • Always set the emergency brake

  • Don't leave the ownership or insurance cards in the vehicle when unattended

  • Drop business cards or address labels inside doors to assist with vehicle identification

We are also a small community

We are a small community, while it's impossible to know everyone in the neighbourhood, we can have a sense of what is usually here. Be aware, if something doesn't look right, speak up or call the police at 416-808-2222.

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