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Another birthday celebration

It was a little blustery but that didn't stop the celebrations for Sandy Lawson. Friends gathered in the park for a lovely dinner to celebrate Sandy's birthday. We're not supposed to say what number it is, so let's just say that the really big one is only a few years away.

"The best decision I have ever made was to move to this neighbourhood," says Sandy. "Friends that have known me my whole life comment on how I've changed and expanded since moving here. Even though we only moved from the west side of Lesley and Denlow all those years ago, this magical place has opened up the whole world for me. It's the neighbours that keep me young."

Happy Birthday Sandy and here's to many more!

The next party will be our annual end of summer "Picnic in the Park".

Sept 11, 2022

12:00 to 4:00

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