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Shanta Maraj

Realtor • Foodie • Wanna be Dancer

Having placed more than 31 families in the neighbourhood, perhaps no one has singly done more for English Lane Don Mills than Shanta.

Originally from Guyana, Shanta moved to Canada to attend school as a girl. “I moved to Belleville to attend boarding school. It was a wonderful experience. I loved Canada and I loved the small-town atmosphere of Belleville and Prince Edward County. I lived in Belleville and Kingston for over 25 years before I made my move to Toronto.”

“I first discovered our neighbourhood when helping a client find a home. I wasn’t looking for myself at the time. In fact, I had just placed an offer on anther home for my family that was farther north and west of here,” says Shanta. “That was over 12 years ago and I thank my lucky stars that we didn’t win the bidding process.”

“I kept thinking about what I had seen in this neighbourhood. It was the small-town atmosphere right in the heart of the city that kept drawing me back. I loved the look of the townhomes and the lifestyle they represented. Especially having the benefit of outdoor space without having to look after a big garden. The size of the townhomes was also important. Nowhere else in the city have I seen so much square footage for such a reasonable price.”

“Once we moved into the neighbourhood 11 years ago, I discovered just how amazing it is. I love the people and the diversity. It’s a community with a wide cross-section of ages. We have seniors and we have children. Then you add in the location, we are part of the greater city, everything is accessible, but we are also tucked away from the maddening crowd.”

Bordering Toronto’s largest park system, this neighbourhood represents a vibrant lifestyle where everything you can desire is in close proximity. Our townhomes vary in size from 2,000 sq ft to almost 4,000. And just like the neighbours themselves, each one is slightly different from another.

“Each of the families that I have helped move in here wanted different things, whether it was great schools, a safe community, access to parks and great outdoor walks or close proximity to downtown for work with shops and restaurants close at hand, our neighbourhood has it all.”

“I have always felt that we Canadians have a generosity of spirit,” says Shanta. “That spirit is on full display in this community. We have so many amazing people in our neighbourhood.”

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