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Meet Nana and Ali

Every time I meet a new neighbour, I am struck all over again by how wonderful this community is. Today we get to mee Nana and her partner Ali.

Nana moved into our neighbourhood three years ago with her daughter. Originally from East York, Nana found our little community when looking for a home closer to her daughter’s school.

“I wanted a home that was convenient but also peaceful. I liked the community when we drove in, but I loved it when I found out about the ravine,” said Nana. “During the covid lock-downs, our daily walks in the ravine are sanity saving.”

“I enjoy the out-of-doors. Being so close to the ravine and the shops, I spend most of my time either walking or riding my bike. I’ve become a huge fan of Brompton foldable bikes. Over covid, I could pop my bike into the back of my car and head off to find new trails. I’ve even ordered a new e-bike from Brompton – maybe they should hire me as a spokesperson.”

Nana is a former naturopathic doctor, an online business consultant and an author of the best-selling book “Your Healthy Success”.

“Years ago, I found myself in a life transition with a practice, a home and a daughter to support."

“I believe in the principles of success – when one door closes, another opens. That’s what happened to me. I wanted to impact people from all over the world, while working from home in an online business. As my practice expanded, others in the industry turned to me for help. Before long I had two full-time businesses; running my health practice and consulting with others online on how to successfully run theirs. I truly love helping others. The Naturopathic College develops great practitioners, but not great businesspeople. Many medical people struggle with the basic principles of running a business. By deciding to consult full-time, I’m able to help more people achieve healthy success.”

“In the beginning I was consulting exclusively with health practices, but as word spread, I have expanded my business to encompass all entrepreneurs and visionaries who also want options to be able to work from home. The goal of naturopathic medicine is to treat the whole person; that means mind, body, and spirit. The foundation of what I do is based on the same principles. My goal is to help entrepreneurs live with purpose with great health and wealth. I offer a variety of programs to help people realize their full potential, create work-life balance and build an online business. I love helping people dream bigger. To help them go from feeling stuck to knowing how to get to the next level of success in a healthy way.” For more information, and access to a FREE MASTERCLASS go to https://bit.ly/nanaacademy

“Part of finding balance in life is sharing your life,” says Nana. “When I was ready to meet someone, Ali came into my life.”

Ali is currently a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering. “We’re focused on biomedical applications of nano-bubbles for ultrasound imaging,” said Ali. “Engineering is my passion. My bachelor’s degree was in electrical engineering, my masters focused on developing a micro pump for drug delivery and now my PhD is in mechanical.”

“I’m also tutoring math and physics for students in grades 1-12. Because of covid, most tutoring is virtual these days, but if you’re close, we can do in person training.” If you’re interested, Ali’s phone number is 905-744-4477.

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