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Are you ready to fly your flag? Today's the day.

People have been putting up their flags over the last couple of weeks and it's awesome to see. The following are just some of the flags that I've seen around the neighbourhood.

It's a beautiful day in the 'hood. If you haven't put up your flags yet, now is the time.

This is truly a neighbourhood initiative. I'm seeing lots of Canadian flags and other flags that sometimes I even need to look up. So with this in mind, why don't we make this into a geography lesson for our kids. Here's a link to Worldometers flags of the world page Why not take a trip around the neighbourhood and see how many different countries are included.

If you're new to the site and not sure what is going on, we're encouraging everyone to get a Canadian flag and a flag from their country of origin. For example, my family background is Irish (and a bunch of others including Metis), and Joe’s background is Italian. We started with three flags - Ireland, Italy and Canada - but if you know Joe, he loves flags, so now we have Canada, Ireland, Metis, Italy, and the Pride flag. On July 1st – Canada Day – we’ll remove the others and keep up the Canadian flag.

The idea is to celebrate just how inclusive our neighbourhood is. I’m even more convinced that we span the globe and will have representation from almost every country. If we can get this going, we’ll definitely make the local news.

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